This week on the podcast, Mark and I get to dive deep into our own story in an incredible conversation with Shivonne Davis.

Recently, Shivonne asked if my husband, Mark, and I would be willing to do an interview with her for her online Masterclass summit called The Vow Renewal. Shivonne is a Relationship Strategist, Life Coach, and transformational speaker that helps purpose-driven millennials restore their marriages through God’s word. Now, this woman is on a mission!

I loved our conversation so much! It had so much depth and energy to it that I knew I needed to share it with you so I asked her if we could also share it on our podcast. She said yes!

I hope you get as much from this conversation as Mark and I did as we cover how we went from a 1.0 marriage to a 2.0 marriage after the darkest season in our marriage, how slow fades can pull our hearts apart in marriage, the difference between offering forgiveness and rebuilding trust, and practical ways you can deepen your relationship with your spouse.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) Don’t put marriage on the throne God belongs on. Oh this is a big one! When we idolize our marriage and make that the sole measure of satisfaction, we are taking God off the throne. Then we become destroyed if our marriage is going through a hard season or ends in divorce. God never intended for marriage to take His place in our life. We need to prioritize our marriage and invest in it, but it should never take the place of God on the throne. This is true also for my single listeners. If you are single right now but long for marriage, take a look at your heart and see if your desire for marriage has become an idol.

2) Be aware of slow fades. Marriages aren’t destroyed in a day; it’s the slow fade that causes marriages to crumble. The slow fades are the small ways your hearts are pulled apart. This can be unrealistic expectations that distort how you view your marriage day after day. Or it can be a lack of vulnerability and hiding your emotions. Or not being intentional in how conflict is resolved. There are so many ways the slow fades can happen, but each couple needs to discover what the slow fades are in their relationship so they can consciously fight against them!

3) Discover and follow your “marching orders” in marriage. I shared in this episode how God revealed Romans 12 as my “marching orders” during the season Mark and I were separated. I read it every morning and every night. But God doesn’t just give marching orders for the hard times. He has marching orders for you right now! Your orders may be to be vulnerable with your spouse, to treat them kindly, or to understand them better. Ask God to reveal your marching orders today and commit to following them daily.

About Shivonne:

Shivonne Davis is a Relationship Strategist, Life Coach, and transformational speaker who inspires and supports individuals by identifying and breaking through their belief patterns. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services, a Master of Arts in Human Development, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a Certified Infidelity Recovery Specialist, and a Life Coach Certified by the International Coaching Federation.  Her mission is to move marriages in the direction of the couple’s dreams and vision! Shivonne is also a wife and a mom to three children. Learn more at




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