Would you like to have a marriage that goes the distance? Are you looking for ways to deepen your connection with your spouse? Or maybe you’re just feeling distance in your marriage, but you’re not quite sure what to do about it?

Too many marriages experience hundreds, if not thousands, of really small moments of disconnection. We call these the Slow Fades, and if they aren’t addressed, one day we’ll look at each other and find ourselves miles apart, confused about how we got there.

It’s been a little since Mark has joined me on the podcast, and I’m excited to have him back today! We start the episode off talking about what we’ve been reading, and then we jump into exactly what the Slow Fades are, and how they can slowly feed bitterness, pride, and frustration in marriage.

You see, slow fades are small ruptures in connection that gather over years, or even decades, pulling our hearts apart one quarter inch at a time. This is so common in most marriages. Interestingly, between 20 and 30 years of marriages is when we tend to see a lot of people finally feel the weight of how far the distance has become (which is what happened to Mark and I in 2012).

I really hope this episode equips you in practical ways today to invest in your marriage. These truths were so important for Mark and I to recognize, and I trust they’ll bring your marriage value as well. Listen in!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Living With Less So Your Family Has More

Rebuilding Trust Course

No More Perfect Marriages

[PDF] The Power of Our Words

[PDF] What God Says About Listening

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