It’s Spring Break season…If you are not planning on making a trip to some warm, tropical getaway during the week of Spring Break, think about some of the things you’ve been wanting to take the time to teach the kids.  Consider also some of the places you’ve been wanting to take the kids.  As parents our job is to teach and train our children with the ultimate goal of ushering them into adulthood.  When we take the time to teach our children, we find they handle responsibility better.  When we expose them to educational opportunities, they understand their world better. 

           As you think through how to best use the week of Spring Break, consider the following:
  • Laundry–Children in preschool and early grade school can learn how to sort clothes by color, match socks, and fold simple clothing.  Older grade school children, junior high and high schoolers need to know how to do laundry from start to finish.
  • Cooking–Can your older gradeschooler or junior high student prepare a simple meal on their own?  Has your high school student ever been given the opportunity to plan, shop, and prepare a meal?  Take the time to teach them the skills they will need when they eventually live on their own.
  • Baking–Have you relied on prepared cookie dough or ready mixes when it comes to baking?  If so, take the opportunity to teach your children to follow a recipe, measure ingredients, and bake some goodies. 
  • Hospitality–Children do not learn how to handle introductions, extend hospitality, or even offer a visitor a glass of water unless they have been taught the basics of hospitality.  Invite a friend or a family over for the day and take the time to instruct your child on how to be a good host before the guests arrive.
  • Cleaning–Do your children know how to dust and vacuum?  Can they clean a bathroom?  Younger grade school children can learn to dust while older children and teens need to know how to vacuum and clean bathrooms.  Don’t just turn them loose on the job, show them how to do it and work beside them while they are learning.
                While the week can bring about great opportunities for learning general independent living skills, it’s no fun if it’s all work and no play.  Planning some outings during the week will make the time fly by.  You might visit a different park everyday.  A day trip to a local museum might be a treat.  You might even try your hand at geocaching
                Children don’t learn by osmosis.  They learn when their parents invest time and energy into teaching them about their world.  They learn when we expose them to educational opportunities.  They learn when we maximize the moments we are given.   
               Take time to think about how you will use Spring Break this year.  Your family will enjoy the benefits!

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