Life is not perfect.

I supposed you already know that.

Because of this reality, married couples will come face to face with the imperfect parts of life. Whether it’s a child’s rebellion, infertility, chronic illness, or a financial tragedy, even couples who have been together for decades must be able to weather these storms. These outside circumstances and stressors, if not handled with care, can deteriorate and weaken, if not destroy, a marriage.

Carol and Gene Kent and Cindy and David Lambert, authors of Staying Power: Building A Stronger Marriage When Life Sends Its Worst, understand this well. You see Dave and Cindy raised their grandchild and Gene and Carol’s only son is serving a life-sentence for murder. Life sent its worst and they stayed together.

On this week’s No More Perfect Podcast episode, Mark and I talk with Carol, Gene, Cindy, and Dave to better understand the principles they’ve used to create “staying power” in their marriages through such difficult life circumstances.

Listen in to not only hear their stories but also to learn the choices, practices, and principles that can make a marriage stronger even when faced with the types of crises that come from outside the marriage through no choice of the husband or wife — life crises that we all are hit with at some point.

This episode is honest, raw, and filled with the wisdom you will likely need at some point in your imperfect life journey.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Staying Power: Building a Stronger Marriage when Life Sends its Worst by Carol and Gene Kent, David and Cindy Lambert

When I Lay My Isaac Down: Unshakeable Faith in Unthinkable Circumstances by Carol Kent

A New Kind of Normal: Hope-Filled Choices When Life Turns Upside Down by Carol Kent

About Carol & Gene Kent and Cindy & David Lambert

Carol and Gene Kent are the founders of Speak Up Ministries, which includes Speak Up Speaker
Services, a Christian speakers’ bureau; Speak Up Conferences, equipping the next generation of speakers
and writers; and Speak Up for Hope, a nonprofit organization that benefits inmates and their families.
Carol has authored more than 20 books, and Gene serves as chief operating officer of their ministries. You can find them on their website and Instagram.

Cindy and David Lambert have been influencing the Christian publishing world for decades, both as
editors and as authors, having written more than 20 books between them. They have six children and 10
grandchildren and love to launch their kayaks together from the dock in front of their log cabin in

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