Today Ann Hassett can give thanks….she won the Viva LeDish giveaway from Monday’s post! Congrats Ann!  You’ll get an email with more info within the next week!

With Thanksgiving just a day away, I’m thanking God for the mundane.  You read that right.  I’m thanking God for some of the things I too easily complain about.  I believe that will help me get my perspective back about what’s really important in life.

Thank you, God, for:

Laundry…because it means that my family has clothes to wear.

Dishes…because it means that my family has food to eat.

Bills…because it means that we have financial provisions.

Making Beds…because it means we have a warm,soft place to rest at night.

Dusting…because it means we have furniture to enjoy.

Vacuuming…because it means we have a home to care for.

Picking Up Toys…because it means I have children to bring joy to my life.

Homework…because it means my children can learn and progress through life.

What about you? What part of your life seems to be the most overwhelming?  What do you grumble about most often?  What tasks,responsibilities,or challenges bring about frustration or anger?

Once identified,ask yourself what blessing you haven’t been able to see.  Now focus on the blessing and thank God for what it means in your life.  Watch your perspective change from grumbling to gratefulness in no time flat.

What mundane task would you add to this list?

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