95615640It was five weeks ago today that I got my breast cancer diagnosis.  We’ve done genetic testing, met with a half dozen or more doctors, read, prayed, and talked.

Today treatment starts.

You see, today is surgery day.

A lumpectomy is the surgery I’ve chosen at this time.

Since I last shared about my breast cancer journey, I’ve learned that I have triple negative cancer which tends to be an aggressive cancer that most likely will require both chemotherapy and radiation.  A final treatment plan will be carved out after today’s surgery. That’s when they will confirm the size of the tumor and whether lymph nodes are involved.

I’ve decided to create a Caring Bridge site to document my journey.  I’ll be sharing here on my blog on occasion, but the details will be kept on the Caring Bridge site.  Feel free to hop over there anytime you want to know more about my journey.

Thank you for praying today. For me. For the doctor. For my friends and family who will wait and walk this journey with me.

We close the Hearts at Home office down for two weeks at Christmas so I plan to be home doing very little and just letting my body heal over the coming weeks.

Tomorrow is the monthly blog hop and one of my team members will manage the hop in my absence.  She’ll let you know how I’m doing too!

Today I’m keeping God’s truth from Romans 12:12 in front of me, “Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.”

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