2016-nc-fb-reg-nowIt took forever for me to understand that taking care of ME is taking care of my FAMILY.  

I hesitated spending money on attending a conference or a class that bettered me.  I said no to opportunities to spend time with girlfriends because “my family needs me” and “it’s just too hard to get away.”

Then a friend paid my way to a Christian women’s conference. How could I say no? This was a gift and I needed to honor her gift.

It was the week after the event that changed my perspective. I came home refreshed. Renewed. I was more patient, kind, and understanding.  I seemed better equipped to handle whatever life threw at me.   That’s when I realized that taking care of myself IS taking care of my family!

In one week, over a thousand moms will gather at the North Central Hearts at Home conference in Rochester, MN.  Some already know that this is a non-negotiable in their lives. Others are going to discover it for the first time next weekend.

Check out just a few of the wonderful workshops offered:

  • She’s Gonna Blow! Real Help for Moms Dealing with Anger
  • Courage: We All Start Somewhere
  • Makin’ Over YOU, Mama!
  • 8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids
  • Raising Respectful Kids
  • Boundaries, Blessings, and Beautiful Relationships
  • Getting Inside the Head of Your Kids: What You Must Know About Your Teen or Tween
  • Marriage: The Simple Little Things That Make a Great Big Difference
  • Disconnect from Devices and Connect with Your Kids
  • Discover and Nurture Your Children’s 8 Great Smarts
  • What Every Mother of a Preschooler Needs to Know
  • The Journey of Adoption
  • Clutter Free
  • Marriage Without Masks
  • Thriving in a Stepfamily: Help and Hope for Remarriage
  • Is There Really Sex After Kids?
  • Move From Fear to Faith!
  • Myths Moms Believe

How about you?  It’s not too late to register and join the fun. It’s also not too late to order a Conference To-Go!

Take care of yourself today! 

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