It seems there’s never a dull moment at the Savage house.  Just when we get used to a “new normal,” life changes again.

While I was in Texas helping Erica and Kendall adjust to life with a newborn, Kendall got deployment orders…this time to Afghanistan.

Erica decided she didn’t want to be a single mom far from family in Texas.  She and 8 week-old Marie are moving in with us this week.  Kendall drove them from Texas to Illinois.  He’s here this week seeing family and saying his goodbyes before he leaves for 9 months overseas.

So life here at the Savage house is changing.  The crib that Austin slept in 16 years ago is now Marie’s crib. There are bottles on our kitchen counter and diapers and wipes in a basket in the family room.  Our laundry loads now have tiny pink clothes mixed in with the t-shirts and hoodies. The sound of a cooing baby (and sometimes a crying baby) is added to the rap music coming out of Kolya’s stereo in his bedroom and the piano and guitar music coming from Austin in the living room.

Life is a series of adjustments. Rarely do our best laid plans turn out the way we think they will.  If God is really in control of our lives, we have to hold loosely to our “perfect plans” and allow Him to reveal His plan.

Mark and I are doing that now. We’re holding on loosely to what we thought our life would look like this year. We’re teaching our two teenagers the value of that right now as their sister and her baby move in for almost a year.  We know that this is a precious opportunity for us to get to know Marie well and to love and bless both Marie and Erica.

How about you? Is life changing at your house? Is there any place that God is leading that you didn’t have in your “perfect plan?”

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