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Jill is home recovering from surgery today so she asked me to host this month’s blog hop on the topic of “One Perfect God.”



I’m Melissa and I serve as the Senior Director of Marketing & Development for Hearts at Home.  My husband Mike and I are the proud parents to 2 boys, Mason and Max. (You can read more about them below!)


I’m a mom of boys. Only boys. Fellow moms of boys know that is code for my house is in a state of chaos. Constantly.

Yes, chaos is our “normal” and that makes our days …. well … interesting.

Activity is constant and noise is inherent.  All. The. Time.

On one particular afternoon the activity and noise levels were approaching readings that were uncharacteristically high, even for my boys. Light sabers were swinging, arms were flailing, and bodies trampled bodies.

I was certain that soon there would be injuries – quickly followed by tears – so, in an effort to thwart that scenario, I decided to intervene.

“Boys?” No response. Just more wrestling.

“Boys, are you listening?” Apparently, they interpreted this question as rhetorical.

“Boys! I am talking to you.” And they still ignored me.

So I did what any mom in a similar situation would do.

I stomped my feet. I jumped up and down. I screamed. And I screamed at the level that only the neighbor’s dog could hear.

“Stop it! Stop it! STOP IT!”

The irony was that I could barely hear my shrieking above the noise, but that didn’t matter. I screamed louder. I wanted to be heard. I wanted them to know I was there.

“How many times do I have to ask you? Please, just be still for a minute and focus on what I have to say to you!”

Then I heard that sentence repeat itself.

Just be still for a minute and focus on what I have to say to you.”

But it wasn’t in my screechy, mom-who-has-lost-every–last-ounce-of-her-patience voice.

In fact, it wasn’t my voice at all.

It was a whisper. It was a whisper to my heart that only I could hear. And there was no doubt whose whisper it was.

I leaned in a little to see if I could hear it again.

Just be still for a minute and focus on what I have to say to you.”

And there He was. In the midst of my crazy, in the middle of this not-so-perfect mom moment.

One Perfect God.

One Perfect God who wanted to be heard, who wanted me to know He was there.

But instead of a shrill scream (which I was quickly learning was not the best approach for being heard and acknowledged), He used a soft whisper.

Isn’t that just like Him? Isn’t that just like our One Perfect God to use our moments of glaring imperfection to speak directly to us? To reveal Himself to us and remind us that He is always there?

All of the words that I scream and plead with my boys day in and day out – “Be still.” “Listen to me.” “I have something to say to you.” – those are the same words that God wants me to hear … in His voice. His gentle, loving voice assuring me of His presence and His desire to be with me, even in the midst of my chaos, in spite of – or maybe because of – my imperfections.

But back to our little home “situation.” We did end up with some minor injuries and a few tears that afternoon, just as I had predicted. But it seems that as soon as I took to heart those same words that I spoke and were spoken to me – when I was still, when I took a minute to focus – my boys did, too.

What I learned that day? Boys need to listen to their mamas. And mamas need to listen to the One Perfect God.

What about you? How has our One Perfect God revealed Himself to you? Link up with us or share a comment below and hop around to see what other bloggers have to say! 

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