Today is our Third Thursday Blog Hop…but before we jump into our blog hop topic, I want to share two updates with you:

My 50th Birthday WishFirst, we are up to 7!  Seven kids have been sponsored in the past week as a part of my 50th birthday wish I shared last week.  Only 43 kids left to go!  There are 7 days till my birthday. That’s just 6 kids a day between now and February 26.  Will you be one of the 6 who says YES! today?

I hope so because you’ll make my wish come true and you’ll make the wish for one of the kids to come true as well.

Second, we’ve added two extra days to the Best Value Registration deadline for the upcoming National Hearts at Home Conference!  This is great news if you thought you missed the early registration opportunity (a savings of $30!!).  You can still register through tomorrow (Friday, Feb 21) at the discounted rate!

We have so many incredible workshops, fabulous main stage speakers, and surprises planned! You don’t want to miss this year’s conference.  If you live too far away to attend, check out the Conference To-Go option!


Today is our Third Thursday Blog Hop and the topic for today is Love Your Feelings.

HAH-Blog-Hop-graphic (3)I’ll admit, I haven’t always embraced my feelings. I’m more of a thinker than a feeler so I’m far more comfortable in the analytical world than the emotional world.

But I’m learning that God created emotions for a reason and I need to embrace them in my life.  My feelings can:

  • relieve stress.
  • alert me to danger.
  • motivate me to take action.
  • help me make decisions.
  • help other people understand me.
  • help me understand other people.

In my cancer journey, I’m embracing emotions more than ever.  They’re helping me stay in tune with myself. They’re increasing my compassion for others.  And their letting those closest to me connect with me at a deeper level.

What about you? Can you love your feelings?  Would you add any reason to the list above on how our feelings help us?

Take a few minutes and hop around to a few of the blogs below to get the perspective of other moms in the trenches.  We’re all working to love our life…feelings and all!

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