HAH-Blog-Hop-graphic-2I signed up to bring my friend Amanda a meal after the birth of her twins. It was a busy season for me, but I rationalized that I had to cook for my family anyway, so I’d just double it and cook for hers, too, on Wednesday.

I’d fed my Hamburger Helper and frozen pizza on Monday and Tuesday of that week. By Wednesday, I decided we needed a decent family meal. I baked meatloaf, cooked green beans, and baked some potatoes. I even made dessert which thrilled my youngest son who doesn’t believe a meal is complete without dessert (let me tell you…he has many incomplete meals!)

We sat down at the table and prayed. Then we started passing the food and enjoying dinner.  Mark said, “Wow Jill, this is a great meal. Is this what you took to Dave and Amanda tonight?”

I nearly choked on the food I was swallowing.

“Oh my goodness! Is today Wednesday??? I completely forgot!”

At this point it was after 6 pm and I was supposed to deliver dinner at 5. I rushed to the phone and called Amanda.  I apologized for forgetting to bring them dinner.  She was so gracious and reassured me that they had so many leftovers from other meals that had been brought earlier in the week, that they had plenty of food.

I was so frustrated with myself but I learned two things that day:

1) Don’t add one more thing to your already full schedule.

2) It’s good to have friends who are filled with grace when you mess up.

What about you? What story do you have to share about being or having an imperfect friend? 

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