Today's Opportunity Plan Day 20In this unique season of family , we have the opportunity to be intentional about our self-care, our relationships, and even taking care of the home we live in.

Sometimes we need a little vision, though. A plan. Some ideas that get us heading in the right direction.
If you missed my introduction to “Today’s Opportunity Plan,” you can find it here.
I’m adding one new thing to our daily plan thanks to a reader who suggested the idea! From this point on I’m adding a daily contact–someone you can connect with intentionally.

Here’s Day 20:

✝️Your soul:

Romans 8:38-39. Nothing can separate us from God’s love.


Name your losses and grieve. Have you ever had a funeral for your disappointments? This is an important concept for embracing grief and loss (and we’re all experiencing that right now). My friend Barb explains how to do that here.


Plan for candlelight dessert tonight for two. Put the kids to bed, light some candles and enjoy. If your kids are teens and going to bed later than you sometimes, enjoy your candlelight dessert in your bedroom or somewhere private.


Everyone outside for 15 minutes minimum each day.

Kids: It’s a great day for a puppet show. Have your kids make puppets using socks, or paper bags, or even cut-outs on a stick. Have them make up stories they can share in their puppet show.

Teens: Make a fun lip-syncing video today. (And if you want, have some fun and do it with your teen like this dad did!)


Power walk–throw in some intervals of running or jumping jacks every few minutes.


Touch base with an aunt or an uncle you haven’t talked to in a while.


Choose a kitchen cabinet to clean out and reorganize today. There’s probably one that’s been bugging you!


Choose one of your drawers to clean out and reorganize today. 
You’ve got a unique opportunity today! Use it well!

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