Today's Opportunity Plan Day 3

In this unique season of family togetherness, we have the opportunity to be intentional about our self-care, our relationships, and even taking care of the home we live in.
Sometimes we need a little vision, though. A plan. Some ideas that get us heading in the right direction.
I introduced the concept of “Today’s Opportunity Plan” on Sunday. If you missed it, you can find it here.

Here’s Day 3:

Your soul:
Read Joshua 1:9. Write it on a piece of paper or an index card and post it where you can see it regularly. 
Start an “I’m grateful” list that you can add to everyday. You can even get your kids/teens to share things they are grateful for to add to the list.
Read the next chapter of the book you started this week!  If you’re not reading, here’s a quick YouTube video that will fill you up!
Make some “love notes” for your spouse and tuck them in all kinds of places where he can find them–a dresser drawer, in a book he’s reading, on his computer, in his car, etc! Ideas: “Thinking of you!” “I love you bunches!” “You’re mine and only mine!” “I love you, but I like you too!” You can use sticky notes, index cards, or cut some hearts out of construction paper if you want to get fancy! You can also use wet erase markers and write on mirrors and windows!
Everyone outside for 15 minutes minimum each day.
Have the kids write a letter or draw pictures to send to their grandparents, older aunts and uncles, or people in the church that may be home alone. (Help them fold an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper into thirds so what they make can be mailed in a regular envelope.) Pull out craft supplies and let them go to town. If they’re old enough to write, teach them how to address an envelope.
Teens: Have them research any careers that interest them today. Tell them to research what each career entails, what degree (if any) is required, and what kinds of jobs are available within the career spectrum. Have them write down different salaries that are associated with different jobs. If they don’t know where to start, give them a few ideas of careers they’ve mentioned in the past or careers that work well with their current passions and interests. Tell them you’d like to hear about what they learn at dinner tonight.
20 jumping jacks today! If you’re not accustomed to doing exercise, you may want to modify them. The important thing to do is MOVE! 
Time to tackle the coat closet. Pull everything out and evaluate whether it stays, needs to be packed away for someone else to grow into, or donated. Put donations right into your car to drop off the next time you drive by your local mission or Goodwill (when you’re not self isolating!). If you’re like me, you might want to make yourself a note on your “to do” list to remember you have donations to drop off so you don’t carry them around in your car for weeks! 
1 more load of laundry= washed + dried + put away! You’ve got this! (By the way, do you or the kids have any suitcases that haven’t been unpacked from a recent trip? You might want to get those unpacked today!)
You’ve got a unique opportunity today! Use it well!

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