In this unique season of sheltering in, we have the opportunity to be intentional about our self-care, our relationships, and even taking care of the home we live in.

Sometimes we need a little vision, though. A plan. Some ideas that get us heading in the right direction.

If you missed my introduction to “Today’s Opportunity Plan,” you can find it here.

Here are your day 61 opportunities:

✝️Your soul:
Today is May 14 (my second oldest’s birthday!) so we’re going to read Proverbs 14 for our daily dose of wisdom!

What is one thing you really enjoy? Do that today!

Send him an “I’m thinking of you.” text right now. (Even if he’s in the other room or sitting right next to you!)

Everyone outside for 15 minutes minimum each day.

Babies: Blow bubbles and let your little one delight at popping them.

Kids: On the next rainy day, let the kids put rain boots (or snow boots) on and jump in the puddles!

Teens: Encourage your teen to clean out their closet today.

Three 20-second planks today. Do five if you can!

The next time you go to the store, reach out to an older neighbor to see if there’s anything they need from the store.

Go through one file cabinet drawer (or file box) and get rid of paperwork you don’t need anymore.

1 load today: Wash + Dry + Fold/Hang + Put Away!

You’ve got a unique opportunity today! Use it well!


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