Today's Opportunity Plan Day 65In this unique season of sheltering in, we have the opportunity to be intentional about our self-care, our relationships, and even taking care of the home we live in.

Sometimes we need a little vision, though. A plan. Some ideas that get us heading in the right direction.

If you missed my introduction to “Today’s Opportunity Plan,” you can find it here.

Here are your day 65 opportunities:

✝️Your soul:
Today is May 18 so we’re going to read Proverbs 18 for our daily dose of wisdom!

Unplug from phone and screens for a set amount of time today. You decide what will make a difference and work for you. Just step away from the technology intentionally in some way.

In marriage, if you’re not rowing you’re drifting. How are you intentionally rowing? Growing? Connecting? If you haven’t already, come row with us at next week’s No More Perfect Marriages: Home Edition Seminar. (This is probably the last one we’ll do for a while!)

Everyone outside for 15 minutes minimum each day.

Babies: Show them pictures of animals in a book or online and introduce them to the different sounds that each animal makes.

Kids: Tape off your driveway or sidewalk to make a “stained glass” grid. Then let them go to town with sidewalk chalk!

Teens: Make sure they’re connecting with soul-building opportunities. If your church’s youth group isn’t available online, encourage them to tune into my son-in-law’s online youth group: Eastview Students LIVE. You can catch them LIVE on Sunday nights at 7pm CST or recorded on YouTube here:

Do some wall pushups–three sets of 10.

Reach out to a co-worker or former co-worker today (if you are a stay-at-home mom, other stay-at-home moms are your co-workers!).

Sweep your porch or deck today.

1 load of laundry: Wash + Dry + Fold/Hang + Put Away = DONE!

You’ve got a unique opportunity today! Use it well!


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