Do you know you can attend a mini-marriage seminar every week?

If you’re wanting less conflict… if you’re seeking to move the needle on your marriage… if you want to be more loving and patient with your spouse… if you want to become a better spouse or a stronger couple… if you want your marriage to grow…then we have a Valentine’s gift for you! 

Because you asked and because we wanted to make today special, we’re opening up registration for No More Perfect Date Night for VALENTINE’S DAY ONLY!


For just 83 cents per day (less than the cost of a cup of coffee), you’ll receive the following each month:

  • DOUBLE DATE WITH MARK AND JILL: This short (usually 10-15 minutes) of power-packed teaching comes from our own learning curve of moving our marriage from difficult to dynamic.
  • DIVE-DEEP INTERVIEW: A 30-35 minute interview with a marriage expert or couple pulls back the curtain on their real marriage and allows us to learn from their experience.
  • DESIGN-A-DATE: A creative date night encourages you to talk, laugh, and have fun together. Whether you do the date night exactly as it is presented or you use it to get your own creative juices flowing, the most important thing is that you’re prioritizing time together!
  • DYNAMIC DIALOGUE WEBINAR: This LIVE members-only webinar allows you to learn in real time and ask any question on any topic of marriage at anytime during the webinar.
  • DISCOUNTS: Member only discounts are available for live marriage events and marriage products.
  • BONUS WEEKS: New content comes out every Tuesday. When there are five Tuesdays in a month, you get bonus material to strengthen your marriage!

You can get a monthly subscription now and ensure that you never lack the resources to reach the next level in your marriage.  It’s available TODAY ONLY! Give your marriage a Valentine’s gift and start your RISK FREE No More Perfect Date Night membership now! The first seven days are FREE!


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