Empty Nest Full Life bookDid you catch the Family Life radio programs? If you’re here because you connected with the recent programs on Family Life…welcome! I’m so glad you’re stopped by!

We talked about three different subject on the three days of programming. If you’d like more information about any of these subjects, here’s where you can find help:

Empty Nest

If you’d like more empty nest resources, you can find them at www.EmptyNestBook.com.

You can pick up the Empty Nest Full Life book here and the Empty Nest Full Life Journal here.

10 day blog series


If you’d like more marriage resources, you can find our free 10-Day No More Perfect Marriages blog series here.

We’ve also assembled all of our marriage resources over on www.NoMorePerfectMarriages.com.

If you’re seeking marriage coaching, you can learn more of what Mark and I offer here.


Loving LGBTQ Family Members

We highly recommend Greg and Lynn McDonald’s Embracing the Journey organization:

Embracing the Journey website
Embracing the Journey book

We’ve also found the Lead Them Home ministry helpful.

Other books we’ve found helpful along the way are Messy Grace and Out of a Far Country.

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