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Since No More Perfect Moms came out, I’ve had the privilege of also writing No More Perfect Kids and No More Perfect Marriages. You might find both of those and some of my other books for moms helpful too!

Poke around a bit to find some of the resources we offer! Check out the Flirt Alert, my new online speaker course that will be opening soon, and our No More Perfect Marriages LIVE Events!

We also have a new marriage resource No More Perfect Date Night that allows you to invest in your marriage without leaving your home! Membership only opens once or twice a year and it happens to be this week! You can learn more and start a free 1 week trial today!

More than anything, I hope the words I shared today brought hope and help your way. I’d love for you to join me in the journey of kicking the perfection infection out of our lives, taking off our masks, having realistic expectations, and embracing God’s perfecting process in our lives!

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