IMG_7150Mark: We’re done!  The manuscript for No More Perfect Marriages is being turned in today!

Jill: We’re so excited, we’re doing backflips over here.

Mark: Well we would if we could!

Jill: The last two weeks have been a little crazy trying to get this finished so we apologize for not getting a Marriage Monday out like usual! We think it’s worth the wait though because we are sooooooo excited about creating this for you!

Mark: The book will release Feb 1 but believe it or not, you can already pre-order it on Amazon! Crazy!

Jill: We’re celebrating over here in Normal, Illinois!

Mark: And we plan to get some sleep now. This thing has kept us up way too late way too many nights!

Jill: Finishing this has definitely been the best thing about this summer! We’re curious…what’s been the best thing about your summer?

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