It was a year ago that God gave me some sweet words for moms who were letting go. I was actually outside weeding my flower beds when the message flooded my mind. So strong and so clear, I had to stop weeding and run in the house to get them out of my head and onto my Facebook page.  It was my first truly viral Facebook post as it eventually reached over 330,000 people!

What it made me realize is that when our kids transition to new seasons, moms are deeply affected. Whether our child is going to kindergarten, entering high school, headed to college, moving out on their own, or getting married, there’s a mom who’s letting go.

What if we took care of each other in these times of transition? Instead of putting a love note in a lunchbox for the kid, what if we sent the mom sending their child off to school a note? Instead of sending a care package to the college student, what if we prepared a care package for mom to open after she drops her son or daughter off at college?

So here’s my challenge to you and to me as the school year begins: Who do you know that’s letting go? Do something special for her! 

Here are some ideas to get you started. Each care package could include some of the following:

gift bag full of goodiesA book (see specifics below)
Package of tissues
Giftcard to her favorite lunch spot or coffee shop
Bath salts
Teabag/Favorite coffee
Chocolate (don’t put it in a gift bag she takes in the car and opens after moving someone into their dorm–you’ll have melted chocolate everywhere!)
Dear Mama Who Is Letting Go Printable 

For a mom who is dropping off a child to college:

Empty Nest Full Life Book

Empty Nest Full Life Journal


For a mom who has a child headed to kindergarten:

No More Perfect Kids

Real Moms…Real Jesus

For a married mom with a child getting married:

No More Perfect Marriages (with a note that now that the wedding’s over, here’s something to help you care for your marriage.)

For a mom sending a child to junior high or high school:

No More Perfect Moms

Got Teens? Time Tested Answers for Moms of Teens and Tweens

My Hearts at Home

For a mom leaving her job to stay home:

Professionalizing Motherhood (not a Moody book)

Better Together: Because You’re Not Meant to Mom Alone


To make it easy for you to put together something special for a mom who’s letting go, we created some postcards, notecards, and gift tags you can print out and use!  You can print them on regular paper or cardstock, add a few of your own words, and voila! The care package will be just what your friend, neighbor, sister, or sister-in-law needs!

Just click below open the care package goodies you want to see and/or print out:

Gift tag

Mom Care Package Gift Tags

Mom Care Package Foldover notes

Mom Care Package Postcard notes

Now go bless someone with a special gift that says, “I care.”


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