Mark and I often get the opportunity to speak on marriage topics, but rarely do we get the opportunity to preach a Sunday morning message together. In today’s episode, we are sharing a unique message that Mark and I had the privilege of delivering at The Church Next Door in Columbus, OH called “Where’s Jesus in Your Car?”

In this message, we are sharing about what surrender looks like by allowing Jesus to sit in the driver’s seat of our life (and stay there). It can be difficult to continually give up control and trust God to guide our lives, especially when it doesn’t make sense to us, but that is the journey of trusting God that we are called to.

In this message, you’ll hear:

  • What it looks like to surrender control.
  • An incredible God story of how God showed up during a financially hard season of our life.
  • The common ways we put Jesus anywhere else in our life but the driver’s seat.
  • How surrender allows God to transform us.

This message really looks at Jesus’ leadership in our life and I look forward to hearing what stands out most to you!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) Is Jesus in the trunk of your car? After our marriage crisis, Mark and I made a habit of asking each other, “Where’s Jesus in your car?” For many of us, Jesus is in the trunk and He is only there for emergencies (just like a spare tire). Maybe He’s in the backseat. You are aware of His presence, but He’s really just “along for the ride.” Jesus may even be in the passenger seat, but still not driving. Rather than relinquish control and let Jesus drive, we often put Him in other parts of the car. So, where is Jesus in your car?

2) Throw Jesus the keys, and the spare key too! Even after we give Jesus the keys to our life, we have a tendency to want to take back control. It can be difficult to continually give up control and trust God to guide our lives. That is why we need to commit to not just give Jesus the keys to our life, but the spare key too.

3) God sees the whole picture and works in ways that don’t always make sense. When you feel the urge to take back control, remember that God sees the entire picture and He is the only one that can do that. So, there will be times where it feels like He is asking us to do things that don’t make sense or just feel backwards from our perspective. God sees how everything connects and we can trust Him to work things together for good.


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