Have you ever learned the value of forgiving in real time? It can be a game-changer for your relationships.

Most of the time we think of forgiveness as something needed for big things that break trust. On this episode of the No More Perfect Podcast my husband and I talk about why forgiveness is so important to use multiple times a day.

You read that right! Multiple times a day!

After all, you bump into other people’s imperfect every single day. How do you handle that? With forgiveness!

Do you know that when we are unable to forgive we demonize someone in our head? However, when we are able to forgive, we humanize them.

In this episode we dig into that PLUS we talk about:

  • How to forgive.
  • What forgiveness is and what it is not.
  • How forgiveness doesn’t rebuild trust but lays the foundation for trust to be rebuilt.
  • What happens inside our head and heart when we don’t forgive.
  • Why forgiving in real-time is so important for relationships!

Understanding the power of forgiveness will affect every relationship you have! This is a must-listen-to episode!


Resources mentioned in this episode:

No More Perfect Marriages book

No More Perfect Marriages Course

Are You Hoarding Your Hurts? webinar


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