Seven years ago, Hearts at Home made a decision to partner with the Compassion, International child sponsorship organization.  We wanted to give Hearts at Home moms an opportunity to teach their children about other parts of the world.  We also wanted to give Hearts at Home moms the opportunity to link arms with a mom in another part of the world who doesn’t have as many resources that she does.

I’m thrilled to share with you that in the past 6 years, over 2200 children have been sponsored by Hearts at Home moms!  In fact, if you visit the Hearts at Home office, you can see the beautiful mosaic picture Compassion recently sent us.  The big picture is made up of small pictures of every child who’s been sponsored over the past six years!


photo2Five years ago I had the opportunity to go on a Compassion Vision Trip to El Salvador. This allowed me to see first-hand how the sponsorship program works, how the sponsorship money is handled, and the difference it makes in kids lives.  I blogged throughout the trip to El Salvador and if you weren’t following my blog four years ago, you can find my posts about it here.

Next week I have the opportunity to go on another Compassion Vision Trip. This time we will be going to Tanzania, Africa.  Our Hearts at Home staff has sponsored a young lady in Tanzania for the past six years.  She graduated from the program and four of us will be going to meet her, visit different Compassion projects in Tanzania, meet mothers and children in the different projects, and learn how moms are both alike and different in that part of the world.

I plan on blogging throughout the entire trip (well as often as I can find internet!) so you get to go with me via technology.  I’m also plan on using Instagram throughout my trip whenever I can get near WIFI so if you’re on Instagram, you can follow me–Jillybean64. You can also access my Instagram on the Facebook Page.

I’ll admit this trip is REALLY out of my comfort zone.  I honestly have never had a strong desire to go to Africa.  What I have learned, however, is that when God stretches us and takes us out of our comfort zone, that’s when He’s got something big for us to learn or experience.  I’m always ready when God’s in charge!

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