Do you have trouble saying no? Do you hate letting others down and feel guilty if you can’t say yes?

If so, you’re not alone…but you’re probably also over-committed and maybe even nursing resentment in your heart that comes when we lack boundaries.

It can be so hard to say no, but its important to learn how to have boundaries without guilt.

In Episode 14 of the No More Perfect Podcast, I share twelve strategies that will help you say no.  These can help you manage every day “asks” as well as long term commitments.

Saying no can enhance your relationships, your soul care, and your self-care.  Saying no creates the margin we desperately need in our lives. Saying no gives us time for the things that bring us life so we do not face burnout.

If you struggle saying no, make sure you say YES to this episode!


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Margin by Dr. Richard Swenson

Real Moms Real Jesus by Jill Savage

Be a YES MOM blog post

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