GettyImages-468819474Mark says: Jill and I are on day 3 of a long weekend getaway working on the No More Perfect Marriages book. We’re really getting excited about this message!

Jill says: We’re still looking for a few more pre-reading couples for the book. We’re also looking for 3 men and 3 women whose spouses won’t be interested in reading to serve as pre-readers as well. If you’re interested in being a pre-reader, you can find the info here.

Mark says: As we were thinking about today’s Marriage Monday, I thought about something that happened last week. My construction crew and I had been working on the roof of a customer’s home, repairing, replacing, and staining cedar siding for much of the week. I came home Thursday night exhausted from both the job and the heat. I turned into our driveway with one goal in mind: find the remote! As I drove down our somewhat long country driveway, I noticed Jill was weeding our yard and our daughter Erica was working in the garden. In that moment I knew I had a decision to make.

Jill says: Thursday was a beautiful day and I needed to get some weeding done. I was really looking forward to being outside. I needed to get away from the computer and enjoy some fresh air. We have 2.5 acres of yard so there’s quite a bit of weeding to stay on top of. With my surgery three weeks ago (which came back benign…thank you, God!), I’m way behind on weeding.

Mark says: I made a decision to join Jill in the yard.  It was the right thing to do.  I sprayed the weeds that were overtaking our lane and helped Jill weed our berm where crabgrass had taken over.

Jill says: I really didn’t expect Mark to help with the weeding. I knew his week had been a long one working on that roof. I was really relieved that he came to help me, though. In fact, it was a huge gift to me and it connected us in a week where we’d gone in a lot of different directions.

Mark says: Doing the right thing many times is a crisis of our will. But when we serve with a willing heart we are a blessing and in turn we will be blessed. We choose to do the right thing because we love those around us.

Jill says: Mark’s decision not only helped me but it gave us the opportunity to talk and connect. And after we finished weeding, I made sure he had some remote therapy!

What about you? What are some examples where you have done the right thing even when you didn’t feel like it? When have you faced a crisis of your will and had to push through your feelings to make a right choice? 

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