Have you heard of a “marriage edu-tainer” before? It’s a combination of education and entertainment all around the topic of marriage. When Mark and I do marriage coaching, we like to be sure the advice we give comes with a dose of compassion, honest conversation with occasional humor, and that it helps you know you’re not alone while taking your marriage to the next level.

When we met fellow marriage coaches Jay and Laura Laffoon, we immediately connected with their humorous style and genuine hearts. The Laffoons are self-proclaimed marriage edu-tainers and are real people with real lives walking through a real marriage. Sound familiar?

Jay and Laura host the Celebrate Your Marriage event at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island yearly. Their humorous and entertaining transparency offers couples permission to laugh with each other and the courage to continue growing a future together.

In this conversation, you’ll hear:

  • Three issues that consistently show up in marriages
  • The role of sex in marriage
  • One of the best things you can do for your marriage each day
  • And so much more!

We hope you enjoy their witty style and advice as much as we do!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

My Key Takeaways:

1) How you handle money affects your marriage. Money is one of the top three issues that consistently pop-up in marriages. This could be struggles of trying to make ends meet, prioritizing money goals, your spending habits, and more. Money is a personal issue that can deeply impact your marriage, and regardless of whether you are dating, newly married, or have been married for years, it’s important to take some time to discuss how you want to handle money individually and as a couple.

2) Discuss boundaries and expectations. It’s important to decide as a couple how you will handle boundaries and expectations around many topics, but a primary topic to ensure you discuss is family. This includes how often they visit, how they will help if you have children, and how much of your time you will spend with them around holidays. Talk with your spouse about how you differentiate between extended family time and just your family time. Make sure to communicate those boundaries to your parents, in-laws, and extended family members. Keep in mind that one day you will want to give your children the freedom to do the same thing in the future!

3) Prioritize uninterrupted conversation daily. You’d be surprised at how setting aside 15 minutes per day of uninterrupted conversation with your spouse can improve your relationship! Aside from your relationship with Jesus, your marriage is the most important relationship in your life. Carve out time to learn how to listen and communicate with your spouse well. Make sure you have no phones, no kids, and no interruptions. Even if you need to put your children in front of the TV for a couple episodes of Bluey or wait until they go to bed, it’s valuable to put yourself in a position where your spouse can have your undivided attention.

About Jay and Laura:


Jay and Laura Laffoon are renowned marriage speakers and authors known for their humor, authenticity, and invaluable insights into marriage and relationships. They fearlessly share their experiences as they unravel what they’ve learned about the mysteries of intimate relationships. Jay and Laura believe that all married couples share the same struggles and joys along the journey. They have been happily married for over 35 years and give couples the courage to continue growing a future together.





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