Friends, today is the 1-YEAR PODCASTVERSARY of the No More Perfect Podcast! ? What an incredible journey this has been, and I can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve given me as I’ve jumped into the podcast world. If you would have told me a year ago that this podcast would rank in the top 5% of podcasts globally, I wouldn’t have believed you!

The shutdown has led to the start-up of a number of things. And I wanted to share the lessons learned during this unexpected start-up season for Mark and I! So listen in as I share a little behind-the-scenes of the podcast (did you know most of our family helps us out in this ministry!?). I’m also sharing the top 5 most popular episodes of the podcast so far (it’s no surprise what topic sits at #1 ?), and the top 3 lessons I’ve learned since starting the show.

I’m so grateful for you, friend! And I want to commit to you that the next year will be filled with even more conversations about the real stuff of life right here on the podcast. We’re in this together!

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