Today's Opportunity Plan Day 53In this unique season of family, we have the opportunity to be intentional about our self-care, our relationships, and even taking care of the home we live in.

Sometimes we need a little vision, though. A plan. Some ideas that get us heading in the right direction.

If you missed my introduction to “Today’s Opportunity Plan,” you can find it here.

Here are your day 53 opportunities:

✝️Your soul:
Read Proverbs 6 for your daily dose of wisdom!

Soften your forehead, unclench your jaw, and relax your shoulders. When you do that, you’ll stop holding tension in your body.

Have a dessert picnic this evening. Make a special dessert for the two of you, spread a blanket on the floor, and talk. Ask each other, “What do you need most from me right now?” Then listen well and thank your spouse for sharing.

Everyone outside for 15 minutes minimum each day.

Babies: Read your little one five stories today. Use different voices to make it even more interesting for their mind and their ears.

Kids and Teens: Be a cheerleader ONLY to your kids today, even when correcting them. For instance, “I know there’s a wise person inside of you and I’m sure the next time there’s a situation like that, you’ll handle it differently!  (Did you have trouble accessing the “yes mom” blog post yesterday. We fixed it and you can find it here!)

Take a real bike ride today. Feel the wind on your face.

Order a book you have loved for a friend today so she’ll have a surprise in her mailbox! (Many authors are willing to have you order it from them personally so it can be signed. I’ve done that for quite a few people who have wanted to share one of my books with a friend! I don’t have an ordering system on my website, but, like many authors if you reach out by email through our websites, we can make it happen!)

Clean all the mirrors in your house and wipe the front of your television today.

Do you have hand-me-down clothing stored for your kids to grow into? Today’s a good day to check those bags or boxes to see if there’s anything your kids can be wearing now.

You’ve got a unique opportunity today! Use it well!


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