How do you rebuild trust when it’s broken? In this episode, Mark and I tackle the question we’re asked ALL. THE. TIME.

We’re digging into rebuilding trust in a variety of relationships…not just marriage. After all, we deal with broken trust in parent/child relationships, friendships, extended family, and, of course, marriage.

The formula for rebuilding trust is this: changed behavior over time rebuilds trust. What does that practically look like, though? Join us in this episode where we dig into seven practical steps to rebuild trust and a whole new way of looking at accountability.

7 Steps to Rebuild Trust

  1. Get to the heart of your behaviors (what led to the broken trust in the first place).
  2. The trust breaker is the trust makerAsk and answer questions
  3. Respect one another
  4. Offer accountability
  5. Forgive, and forgive, and forgive some more
  6. Watch your expectations
  7. Balance risk with hope

Resources mentioned in this episode

Lessons Learned From An Imperfect Marriage | No More Perfect Podcast Episode 3
No More Perfect Marriages by Mark & Jill Savage
Anne’s Facebook post about not trusting her dad after the affair

Two blog posts about rebuilding trust:
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